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Increase your
staff productivity, uninterrupted

With enterprise-level managed IT services and strategies.

Solve today's headaches and tomorrow's emergencies. Meet N2CON, your partners in peace-of-mind and growth.

N2Con staff productivity, uninterrupted

Our Clients

N2Con Client: The Education Fund
N2Con Client: Anderson, Rowe & Buckley
N2Con Client: Williams Adley
N2Con Client: Indus Holdings
N2Con Client: Lowell Distribution

How much can inexperience cost you?

Inexperienced IT providers can cause major damage



Building IT frameworks that fail when you need them the most!

Poor Guidance

Poor guidance

Following the wrong path costing you valuable time and money 



Downtime and data loss. Ouch.

Rick Hernandez

Hi, I'm Rick

I know how IT problems can disrupt both productivity and morale. And I understand the nagging feeling in the back of your mind, as you brace for the next emergency; Hoping that the patchwork of systems hold up this time.

I've come to understand that many Bay Area businesses need a dedicated IT resource, guidance for IT best practices, and a scalable solution that grows with them.

We got you.

30 years strong

That's why we help enterprise companies such as SEIU, Anderson Rowe Buckley, Indus Holdings Inc. and many others with real-time support and by making IT simple, secure and lighting fast. Learn more.


Ways we can help

Imagine outsourcing your technical headaches and focusing on what matters most. Your business.
"I'm constantly worrying about IT"
N2CON: Keep your focus on business and operations, we have a plan for you!
"Disruptions are costing us money!"
N2CON: Prep today to avoid costly operational disruptions tomorrow
"Our operations can't handle surprises"
N2CON: Let's Successfully integrate your IT strategy to overall business ops
"IT support plan is always on my to-do list"
N2CON: Finally check off critical IT project successfully
N2con client learning about IT services
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How to get started

It's super easy to get started with us...

N2con free consultation

1. Free consultation

Schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs and business goals.

N2con develop plan

2. Develop a plan

Our technologist will work with you to develop the right plan to meet your goals.

N2con Execute

3. Execute

We get it done! Your IT is set and your business hums along.

On-going support

Once plan is executed, we offer our expertise moving forward with flexible plans.

Doing business with peace of mind

Great work

“Thank you N2CON for your great work in managing our IT. We are now productive inside and outside of the office which has given us a competitive advantage and has transformed the way we do business. Also, we have peace of mind with the promptness of responses to issues with high quality service!״ 

Michael Steele


Michael Steele.png

Outstanding IT support

“Many thanks to the team at N2CON for our outstanding IT support. The system reliability and data security that you provide is critical to our operations. You have enabled us to improve our productivity in our office and remotely. I appreciate the prompt responses for service requests. I am able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you're on the job!״ 

Robert H. Griffin

Williams, Adley and Co. LLP

Williams Adley.png

A strategic partner

“N2CON has been a strategic partner handling our corporate information technology needs. They have been key in our success... while providing solid recommendations and valuable advice.״ 

David J. Kupferman

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